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Just Had A Thought…

So remember how in The Dark Knight Rises there’s that whole thing where Bruce Wayne escapes the weird desert-torture-pit-hell-chamber by making the jump from one ledge to the other, and then 20 seconds later he just magically ends up back in Gotham even though he had no money, identification, or Bat gadgets to help him make the trip halfway around the globe?

How funny would it have been if, between those two dramatic extremes, there was a full five-minute scene of him flying back to America? Like, calling Alfred and asking him to wire money, waiting in the security line at the airport, boarding the plane, and then sipping champagne in first class while snacking on toasted nuts and reading a bunch of gossip blogs on a laptop using the plane’s WiFi? All while dressed like a disgusting, smelly despair-cave escapee?

My vote: Pretty funny

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