One of my favorite things about the Air Bud movies is that there are conceivably real human children on the bench (or who were left off the team altogether) while a dog is running around on the field or court. I find that hilarious. I like to imagine these children explaining it to an overbearing father.

Filmdrunk: Ranking The ‘Air Bud’ Films From Least To Most Plausible (via slacktory)

Shouts to Interfriend Danger Guerrero.

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Break, Enter, Explore

Just finished this GQ article from March about urban exploring. Really fun read.

When we came out dripping from the underworld, a double-decker bus rolled past, but the driver paid no attention to our extremely conspicuous group emerging from a manhole at 2 a.m. We circled around the city again, Garrett restless, looking for something. He spied a ten-story construction site surrounded by chain-link and scaffolding. There was a small gap in the fence, just big enough to slip through. Garrett hauled himself effortlessly through to the scaffold. Wary of security guards and CCTV cameras, I followed as silently and elegantly as a bear clambering into a Dumpster. We made our way up an internal stairwell to the roof and onto the ladder of a massive construction crane. Finally we were sitting right next to the control cabin 150 feet up, feet dangled over the void, London glittering to the horizon. Garrett pointed out landmarks, famous and less so: Big Ben, the Eye, the Shard, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Gherkin, the Walkie-Talkie, King’s Reach Tower. The names sounded like constellations or rock-climbing routes. In fact, he had summited most of them.

So if you need to kill some time before kickoff today, there you go.

Anonymous asked:

Given your pseudonym and all the great work that has been done under it (i.e. breakdowns of music videos, Franklin and Bash, SBTB, 90s movies), how will you explain what you've been doing for the past few years to potential employers? This is assuming you don't have a "real" job and are 100% earning a living as DG. Please provide a narrative of the real you and a potential employer reviewing the last few years of your life in an interview.

Potential Employer: So, I notice a hole in your resume for a few years after you finished law school…

Me: Yes. I was in a coma.