Earlier today, for reasons that I don’t have to explain to any of you, I was looking for the clip from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey where Ted possesses his dad and the “possessed” actor proceeds to do a hilarious Keanu Reeves impression that begins with “Whoa. Okay, dudes… Oh, I mean, fellow policemen.” Not only did I find it, but upon closer examination, it appears that I was the who uploaded it almost three and a half years ago.

I have zero recollection of doing this. I don’t know if I should be concerned or proud. Probably both.

A Quick Note About That One Toyota Commercial


Here’s what I want you to do…

The next time you see that one Toyota commercial, imagine being the person who lives in this apartment, and waking up late on a Saturday morning to find this scene — a car parked diagonally across the middle of the intersection; a large, ethnically diverse crowd of young people in brightly colored clothing doing a choreographed dance routine around it in the street; loud laser music blasting through the air — taking place outside your window, with no idea why any of it is happening.

Anonymous asked:

I saw a person wearing a yankees shirt and a 76ers hat today, just thought you should know

Was he a short-iish guy with a goatee? Because if he was, he’s the guy who lived in the apartment below me during college. I still owe hm $50. Don’t tell him you know me.